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Wednesday, 22 October 2008 17:39

This review was written by Michelle for the Live Magazine (U.S.A).

The Bluebirds were on tour in the United States for the first time when I saw them play on that cool, cloudy Saturday.
A friend told me he had heard they were good, but I knew little about them. Having lost the other members of my small group, I headed alone to stand in front of the stage to geta good spot for their show.

I studied the four band members while they were setting-up. All seemed to have stepped straight out of the fifties, with dark combed-backhair, black Rayban sunglasses and matching bowling shirts. It was obvious they would be having a good time regardless of who was watching!

The Bluebirds soon launched into an incredible set of original blues songs that sealed my fate as a fan for life. 
The rollicking, rocking tunes soon drew fans from across the 62-acre festival site. I was riveted by the fabulous show and grateful to witness up-close such masterful blues artists at work. The irony of having a band from Sweden play American blues music better than nearly any group I had ever heard before was not lost on me. It seems many others shared mysentiment because soon hundreds of music lovers were pushing to get closer. Everywhere I looked I saw smiling, happy people clapping and dancing, mesmerized by this quartet of European musicians.