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Wednesday, 22 October 2008 17:39
The music of The Bluebirds is a high-energy, fun-filled fusion of Louisiana Rock & Roll, good old-fashioned Blues, and Rockabilly
sprinkled with a bit of Tex-Mex, and garnished with Soul. The songs they played from their new album, Sweet Jambouree, displayed an incredible range of creativity and momentum. I loved everything I heard, from the bouncing "Rumble & Stumble" and "Down The Road" to the blazing "Wake Me Up" and "Matching Numbers." A ballad called "Won't Let You In" put me in a sentimental mood before the show-stopping "Stranded," which required the lead singer to break out his gold guitar. The keyboard player could have been Jerry Lee Lewis the way he was tearing up the keys, and his voice reminded me of Elvis.

The Bluebirds later jammed with a local Blues great, James Harman, at The Backporch Stage. I chatted with them after the show and discovered these amazing, mostly self-taught musicians have been friends since childhood. They told me they formed the band 12 years ago and have established themselves in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, and Germany. They also recently toured Australia and added the U.S. to their roster with this trip. 

Patric Carlson is the lead singer who also rips it up on the lead guitar. Lee Ericson creates magic on the keyboard and provides phenomenal back-up vocals. Jim Ingvarsson plays the drums with intensity and Magnus Johnson makes beautiful music on
the bass guitar.